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LIVES brings mango and butter tasting to ILRI’s annual meeting

Ranking butter, tasting mangos at APMILRI held its 2013 annual program meeting (APM) at its Addis Ababa campus in May 2013.

The LIVES project took part in the ‘sharefair’ and scientific poster sessions bringing in-season mango and local butter for taste-testing.

The LIVES team displayed two varieties of Mango: small fibrous mangos and the fleshy, big mango. All in all, 104 participants participated. Taste preference was analyzed based on age, gender, and nationality; the result showed that the overall preference for the two was not that significant: 52% for the small fibrous and 48% for the fleshy big mangos.

Many people could hardly choose as both varieties had great taste. The moral of the story for LIVES is to promote both varieties!

Three types of butter were also ranked on visual appearance, smell and touch. The three types were ripened, young and vegetable butters. Young butter was ranked number one by the majority of the participants, while the vegetable butter came second and the ripened third.  Most preference of the young butter goes to the non-Ethiopians while the preference for ripe and vegetable butter goes to the Ethiopians.

More on LIVES in APM 2013

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