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LIVES project imports feed choppers, shredders and grain grinders to support business opportunities for youth in Ethiopia

Hammer Mill Foliage TRF 80GThis past week, LIVES has received and tested the long-awaited multipurpose feed choppers, shredders and grain grinders (all in one).  These machines, all petrol driven, mobile, hardy and good quality materials are produced in Brazil. They are light enough to transport to remote areas using donkeys or carts. The machines are not for donation but rather to strategically demonstrate their implications on feed use and utilization efficiency to initiate business, particularly for the unemployed youth, who can provide such services. These machines can chop wet and dry feed materials such as maize and sorghum stover, Napier grass, etc. and can grind grains to different sizes including for concentrate ration formulation using locally available materials.  Each LIVES zone will get one unit .

These machines are not new to Ethiopia, some other projects have also introduced them and thus issues of operation skills are not expected to be a problem.

The LIVES regional teams, together with the agribusiness expert of LIVES, are working on strategies on how to make livestock feed chopping as a business. The machines are women friendly and LIVES intends to follow up on this.

One thought on “LIVES project imports feed choppers, shredders and grain grinders to support business opportunities for youth in Ethiopia

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I own a small family business in Ethiopia,Oromia region, West Wollega Zone. In June 2007, I started the business on 5 hectares of land out of which more than 2 hectare has already been planted with elephant grass and other legumes with the intention to integrate beef, dairy, poultry and apiculture. Besides, I have already constructed a house with a steel roof which measures 100 square meter (20m by 5m). But due to technological and financial limitations (mainlly shortage of feed during the dry season) my project is not going according to the initial plan.

    Finally I realised that this problem can be solved by introducing modern technologies which can be used for fodder chopping and effective silage making process during the abundant seasons which can be used later during the dry seasons of the year. So my question is “is there any possibility through which I can get access to the above mentioned fodder chopping machine?”

    Please let me know any thing that might help me to sustain my business and realize my dreams.

    Thank you in advance for your concern!

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