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Maximizing use of agricultural industrial by products in South Wollo, Ethiopia

South Wollo is blessed with an abundance of agro- industrial by-products: Wheat bran from flour factories, oil cake from small scale oil processing factories, as well as brewers waste from a beer brewery. Traders who process their pulses in small grinding mills take away flour, husks of pulses as well as ground pulse bran.

Dairy farmers, especially urban ones in Dessie and Kombolcha, already know about the availability of these ingredients in their vicinity and purchase them from small shops or directly from the source.

The effect of this increased demand can be seen in the fact that these products moved from “waste” to “economic” products, which is reflected in the price development over the past 10 years. Farmers also try to formulate concentrate rations by adding salt to the ingredients mentioned above. Use of concentrate is much less known for fattening of small ruminants. Research results indicate that growing periods to reach live animal export weights (25-30 kg) may be shortened considerably with the use of supplementary feeding, especially for the crosses between local highland breeds and the Awassi breed.

LIVES can optimize the use of these locally available agro-industrial by-products by assisting both dairy farmers and producers/fatteners of small ruminants in formulating appropriate rations, taking account of additional interventions aimed at improving the production of natural and planted fodder species and crop residues.

Once ratios are developed, private entrepreneurs and cooperatives may develop a business venture of small scale production of feed mixes.

Contributed by Dirk Hoekstra and Mesfin Tefera.

3 thoughts on “Maximizing use of agricultural industrial by products in South Wollo, Ethiopia

  1. Thank you so much for your attention and idea on optimizing locally available agro-industrial by products in south wollo.

    I am agribusiness entrepreneur (small holder farmer). I do have farm in Kombolcha (south wollo) known as Lina Farms. It is a small to mid-scale organic operation, expects to become a strong and reliable competitor in the production and (self) marketing of high quality fresh and specialty vegetables and fruits; poultry; milk and milk products; fatten sheep and goats.

    How can my Farm get your intervention/assistance especially on optimization of locally available agro-industrial by products? What are the requirements to be eligible for your respected organization intervention?
    Expecting a favorable response from your end,

  2. I am veterinary professional, and I strongly eager to know the nutritional composition of locally mixed animal feeds and the effect on the milk production. in addition their feeding practices and related metabolic diseases(ketosis,milk fever,……etc)their is no literature about this case in these area(South wollo,North shoa). if you like this idea please … with me.

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