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LIVES shares lessons in market-oriented extension at the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture

On 6 May 2015, Ethiopia’s Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) hosted a seminar on ‘Market-oriented extension services for agricultural transformation in Ethiopia’ in Addis Ababa. About 60 staff from the MoA attended the seminar, many of whom were young experts and women.
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Banana production expands in Lay Armacheho District

Lay Armacheho District was one of the potential districts identified through the suitability map for banana production in North Gondar zone. The LIVES project introduced and demonstrated the performance of an improved banana variety with recommended management practices on the farms of 10 intervention households in Musie Bamb Kebele in the district. Continue reading

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Familiarizing smallholder beekeepers with ‘Ethio ribrab’ beehives

Beekeeping is an important traditional practice in most parts of Ethiopia. With an estimated 10 million beehive colonies half of which are kept in traditional and improved hives, Ethiopia ranks first in Africa and fourth in the world in honey and beeswax production. Traditional hives made from mud and wooden logs are by far the most pervasive accounting for more than 97% while improved hives account for only 2% of beehives in the country. Continue reading

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LIVES takes part in the first Horticultural Farmer Day in Ethiopia

The first Farmers’ Horticulture Day was celebrated in Ethiopia at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) campus on 29 April 2015. The event was organized by the SupHort project in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, the LIVES project and other partners. Continue reading

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Household market participation in small ruminant production in the highlands of Ethiopia–LIVES working paper

This study, based on survey data of 5004 Ethiopian smallholder households that was collected out by the LIVES project, describes the existing situation and the economic impacts in households involved in small ruminant production with regard to herd size, access to market and involvement of institutional services such as extension and credit. Continue reading

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Cooperative breeding groups: An entry point for structured sheep breeding programs and value chain interventions

Structured sheep/goat selective breeding programs are non-existent in Ethiopia. Cooperative breeding groups, which are village-level community organizations where smallholder sheep and goat keepers cooperate to improve the genetic merits of their flocks through selective breeding, could form a basis for designing structured breed-level or regional sheep and goat breeding programs.
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Cattle fair: LIVES organizes fattened cattle competition in Amhara region

Smallholder farmers’ skills and knowledge about modern fattening practices in West Gojjam zone, similar to other zones in the Amhara region, vary significantly. In order to alleviate this gap, LIVES together with Amhara Regional Livestock Agency and Mecha District Office of Agriculture, organized a half day event on ‘fattened cattle competition’ in Merawi town on April 2015 where 60 smallholder fatteners from Mecha District presented 123 fattened cattle.
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