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A farmer trainer and mentor is changing the extension services landscape in Jimma zone

To promote value chain thinking in Ethiopia, the LIVES project is using coaching and mentoring combined with training, demonstration and study tours to facilitate knowledge sharing and skills transfer among actors along livestock and crop value chains. Ejigu Tefera, a farmer in Kersa District, Jimma zone, is a key local resource person who trains and coaches producers and development agents on seeds, seedling production and grafting techniques. Continue reading

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Model farmers who benefited from the training facilitated by LIVES are improving supply of high-yielding avocado trees in Jimma

The LIVES project is training smallholder farmers in Jimma zone, Oromia on grafting and management of improved avocado seedlings. Ijigu Tefera has grafted and raised more than 1000 improved avocado seedlings. He earned USD 1,250 from the first batch of seedlings he sold. Continue reading

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Banana production expands in Lay Armacheho District

Lay Armacheho District was one of the potential districts identified through the suitability map for banana production in North Gondar zone. The LIVES project introduced and demonstrated the performance of an improved banana variety with recommended management practices on the farms of 10 intervention households in Musie Bamb Kebele in the district. Continue reading