Project reports and documents are available online

LIVES project Proposal  document 

Project Implementation Plan (PIP)-

LIVES- PIP team, put together from the headquarters, regional offices and partners at federal, regional and zonal levels, collected and compiled data for the PIP  in April- July 2012.  During this period, potential project sites (Districts) and Peasant Associations (PAs) were selected.  Value chain actors at all levels (district, zonal and regional) and linkages among the various actors was assessed.   Detailed reports of the four regions and their zones: Amhara, Oromia, SNNP and Tigray is compiled.

Wordle: lives planningLIVES project planning workshop (July 11-12, 2012)   As one activity of the LIVES project planning phase, a two day workshop, where project partners actively participated and  gave feedback on the work done so far and guidance for further work, was carried out.  workshop activities and outputs are documented.  The final project implementation document is accessible here

LIVES zonal workshops (February – March 2013) – In these zonal workshops participants from the zone, districts, nearby universities, research centers/ institutes, NGOs and other relevant organizations/ programs attended. Detailed report about each of the workshops is incorporated in the respective zonal reports compiled by the LIVES team. Overall summary of the events is accessible here 


Six monthly report of project activities  is prepared in March and September every year.

The first six monthly report

The second six monthly report- September 2013