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Farmer-to-farmer knowledge and skills dissemination in Ada’a Berga district: Fufa Keneni’s story

Fufa Keneni lives in Reji Mekoda peasant association (PA) of Ada’a Berga District of Oromia region. He is engaged in apiculture and dairy production. His apiculture experience dates back to some 15 years. Continue reading

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Intercropping irrigated alfalfa with fruit trees boost smallholders’ income in Sidama

The LIVES project demonstrated intercropping of improved fodder species with fruits in Sidama and Gamo Gofa zones. Intercropping of fruits with short maturing crops such as vegetables and leguminous fodder species enables fruit producers to get multiple benefits such as incurring additional income from fodder and vegetables; improving soil fertility from leguminous fodder and enhancing the water productivity (yield per unit of water consumed). Continue reading

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Finding inner strength and hope: Livestock business empowers Ethiopian couple

This story is about a couple, Bizunesh Abu (30) and Wendu Gutema (40), living in Mojo town, Oromia who started dairy farming and fattening of bulls calves after attending a short-term training on business entrepreneurship. Continue reading