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LIVES irrigation management and value chain development training held in Tigray

The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and the Livestock and Irrigation Value chains for Ethiopian Smallholders (LIVES) Project recently conducted a training on irrigation scheme management for farmers and agricultural experts in the Mehtsab Azmati Irrigation Scheme in Rama, Tigray. Continue reading

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Institutions for irrigation water management in Ethiopia: Assessing diversity and service delivery

This working paper reports on a study in Ethiopia to: i) assess the nature and diversity of irrigation institutions in the study schemes; ii) evaluate existing institutions service delivery with respect to selected attributes and draw useful lessons; and iii) identify appropriate interventions. Continue reading

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Analysis of water delivery performance of smallholder irrigation schemes in Ethiopia: Diversity and lessons

This working paper focuses on water delivery performance of 10 smallholders irrigation schemes in four regions of Ethiopia, representing diverse water sources, distribution systems, command areas and number of beneficiary farmers and across agro-ecologies as represented by elevation ranges. Continue reading

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Factors determining household allocation of credit to livestock production in Ethiopia

Access to credit is often viewed as a key to transforming semi-subsistence smallholder farmers into market-oriented producers. However, only a few studies have examined the factors that affect farmers’ decisions to allocate credit to farm activities in general and livestock production in particular. This working paper employs a trivariate probit model with double selection to … Continue reading

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Genetic-phenotypic and production-system diversity in goat populations in Ethiopia

This working paper synthesizes and analyses the genetic, morphological and production system characteristics of five indigenous goat populations of Ethiopia, namely Ambo, Gondar, Woyto-Guji, Arsi-Bale Highland and Arsi-Bale lowland goats. Continue reading

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Smallholder dairy farming systems in the highlands of Ethiopia: System-specific constraints and options

This working paper identified characteristic features of smallholder dairy farming in the highlands of Ethiopia, reclassifies sample farmers to the highland dairy farming systems with quantitative data and statistical analysis, and identifies system-specific constraints and leverage points for developing the dairy value chain. Continue reading